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Pest Control Services

Our Pro Pest Manchester team is dedicated to providing fast, friendly and effective pest control solutions to all residents living in and around the Manchester/North West area. When using us you can expect each of our technicians to be on-time, courteous and always willing to provide you their best recommendations when providing you an in-home or in-work free inspection. 


We strive to be different in many ways compared to other pest control services in the area and we are so confident our pest control services we provide, that if we are unable able to fix your rodent problem through completion of our recommended services, we will come back free of charge until the problem is resolved for good. 



Rodents are often a normal household nuisance and are never a fun problem to have to deal with. Pro Pest Manchester will be able to help rid your home of these vermin and get you back to living in a healthy and safe living environment.

Many people tend to immediately assume that they have a mice problem in there home, but there is also a chance that they actually have rats. 

We will be able to quickly tell what type of animal you are dealing with and create the appropriate solution for your needs.


Not only does this help with your current problem, but you will be able to better seal your home against pest invasions in the future.



Insects can become more of a problem than Rodents if left alone too long!

From flying insects such as wasps, crawlers such as roaches, ants and spiders, through to bed bugs, Pro Pest Manchester have a variety of solutions suited to each infestation.

As well as resolving the issue first time every time, we use Eco Friendly solutions which have no side effects on your home or workplace.

Calling us early will also be your most cost-effective option too, before the problem gets any worse, as it very quickly can do with insects.



Prevention is just as important as a cure and Pro Pest Manchester can assess any situation in regards to any issues in your home or workplace.


We will then carry out the correct cleaning solution to help prevent any further pest issues.

We don't doubt your home is clean, but there is a clean home and there is a pest preventing clean home, using eco-friendly products which pests won't like but won't effect you in any way.

Consultation is FREE and our cleaning services can be one offs or on a contract basis.


Got a Pest Problem?
Eco Friendly, Effective & Affordable!


Call Pro Pest Manchester today 01706 587022

Pests info

Pest information

If you think you have a particular pest problem, the information below will give you more information. Just click on the links to find out more...

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