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Lockdown driving rats into our homes as pest control reports spike in activity

Britain's homes are being invaded by hungry rats looking for food during the coronavirus outbreak, it has been reported.

Rodents are sneaking into houses in search of meals after restaurants closed, experts said.

The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) said around half of the professionals it had polled during lockdown had seen an increase in activity

"By nature, rats will also try to avoid humans directly and so, with less of us walking the streets, they may be getting a little bolder and possibly be seen in areas they normally wouldn’t.

"In terms of rats in domestic homes, so long as you manage your food waste properly and there are no considerable harbourage opportunities, you shouldn’t experience any unusual problems.

We smoke them out.

"I think some bin collections aren't quite as frequent at the moment too. They are getting into rubbish.

"When they are hungry they will eat each other. They will use a hierarchy in cities - the big rats will eat the smaller ones.

"They will come in using the drainage system - they eat faeces.

"They transmit diseases. A professional should be called to deal with the problem. FULL STORY

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